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History of PAFA (1973-2011) (******PAGE UNDER DEVELOPMENT******)

Some of the pictures from 1973

A news letter by PAI

In June 1973, some of around ten Pakistani Immigrant families to Central Indiana got together and decided to form an organization to perform social and charitable activities. The organization was named Pakistan Friendship Association. Following is a list of PFA officers elected.


• President: Prof. Mohammad Ishaq (Late).

• Treasurer: Dr. Shahid Athar.

• V. President: Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Malik.


President: Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Malik.

Treasurer: Mr. Anwar Shah.

V. President: Dr. Shahid Athar.

General Secretary: Mr. Mashood.

Some of the activities this this group performed were General Body Meetings, feeding the homeless, Eid prayers and parties, Pakistan Days on 23rd of March and 14th of August, Mother's day, Mushairahs (Urdu poetry recitals), musical concerts with famous singers like Mehdi Hasan, Munni Begum, Ghulam Ali and Janice Miller. Some of the public officials also attended these events including Congress Man Dan Burton, Senator Richard Lugar, Mayor Bart Peterson, Pakistani ambassador to USA Mr. Jamshed Marker.

In 1992, some of the PFA members created another organization called Pakistan Association of Indiana (PAI).

In 1999, it was decided to change the name of this organization to Pakistan American Friendship Association to promote friendship between Pakistani and Non-Pakistani American Community.

In October 2005, a major earthquake hit Pakistan. PAFA raised funds from Indianapolis as well as collected and distributed several container loads of clothing, food and medicine for the disaster area.

PAFA's 2011 annual report can be seen by clicking here.

Following are some of the people who have been involved with PFA/PAFA over the years.

• Dr. Adil Ashary

• Dr. Aisha Zafar

• Dr. Asif ansari

• Dr. Haroon Qazi

• Dr. Mehmooda Ansari

• Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Malik

• Dr. Rashid Khairi

• Dr. Saeeda Khairi

• Dr. Shahid Athar

• Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Waseem

• Mr. Anwar shah

• Mr. Asad Ali Shah

• Mr. Asrar Barni

• Mr. Azhar Khan

• Mr. Babar Rizvi

• Mr. Kamran Mehmood

• Mr. Mashood

• Mr. Mohsin Ali Khan

• Mr. Muzaffar Ahmad

• Mr. Nadeem Sidiqui

• Mr. Naveed Barki

• Mr. Talha Barki

• Mr. Zafar Ansari

• Mrs. Aisha Ahmad

• Mrs. Uniqah Muzaffar

• Mrs. Walia Hasan

• Prof. Mohammad Ishaq

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