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Flood Relief Activities:

PAFA actively arranged or participated in the relief activities for victims of Pakistani flood. Following are some of these:

1) PAFA partenered with Musliam Alliance ( and Islamic Relief USA ( to host a fund raiser for flood victims. Event was held in Indiana State House after Governer's Iftar. 15000 Dollars were raised to help flood victims with food, medical supplies, medicine, tents and emergency shelters.

2) PAFA partnered with Association of Pakistani Physicians of Kentucky and Indiana ( raising 13000 Dollars from Indianapolis Metro area. This money was used for sending water purification systems to provide clean water for flood victims.Each unit can clean 50,000 gallons of clean water a day. Twenty five untis reached Pakistan and two training sessions were held.

3) PAFA supported a local iniative to collect food items, box and ship these to Pakistan. 700 boxes were shipped.

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